BlueWorld Hosting Usenet Archive and Peering Service

Usenet Archive and Peering Service

Offering 20+ Years of Text Retention and Historical Content

Spool Status:
Big8 newsgroups from 2003+
de,it,uk newsgroups from 2003+
Still pulling in other hierarchies and processing older archives.
If you have suggestions, let me know!

Accessing the Usenet service:

Configure your news client to connect to
( is used for peering and this website only)

Connections are available on port 119 and 563. Port 119 is unencrypted and 563 
is encrypted with TLS.

If you wish to post, please e-mail for an account.

My 'terms of service' are that the services not be used for abusive purposes
(spam, cancel wars, etc.).

Abuse encompass hate and harassment. Disagreements, heated discussions, and
flamewars are part of Usenet, but there are lines one should not cross. If you
don't understand these lines another service may be better suited for you.

We remove users who abuse our services. This is not an open news service.
This is not a privacy centric news service. If we receive legitimate abuse
complaints, we will disable the account and e-mail the owner. A working e-mail
address is required. If we cannot reach you, we will not re-enable the account.

If you are looking for a completely anonymous service, this is not it. That
said, we do not openly expose user details in headers.
Contact: Jesse Rehmer (


We peer openly - send us an e-mail for a feed. We don't mind leaf nodes, or
non-realtime peering, but let us know so we can configure appropriately.

Accept From:  
Send To:      
Location:               St. Louis, MO USA
Port:                   119
Hierarchies:  		*
Max. Article Size:      1MB
Software:		Diablo 6 - Peering / INN 2.8 - Readers
Hardware:		Dell PowerEdge R440 - 256GB RAM
			Plenty of NVMe and SSD storage
Network Connectivity:	1Gbps Fiber to Hurricane Electric
Active Peers:		41

Sample Diablo Configuration for a text-only peer:

label blueworldhosting
    addgroup    *
    delgroup	control.*
    delgroup	unidata.*
    maxsize	1000k
    maxparallel  10
    realtime    notify

Sample INN Configurations for a text-only peer:



peer {


peer {