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Archival Status:

- Big8 (comp.*, humanities.*, misc.*, news.*, rec.*, sci.*, soc.*, talk.*) 
newsgroups from 2003+
- alt.* newsgroups from 2003+
- linux.* newsgroups from 2003+
- Regional edm.*, de.*, fr.*, nl.*, it.*, uk.*, us.* newsgroups from 2003+

Accessing the Usenet service:

Configure your news client to connect to
( is used for peering and this website only)

Connections are available on port 119 and 563. Port 119 is unencrypted and 563 
is encrypted with TLS. We recommend using TLS.

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- Excessive use of resources will result in IP blocking. Do not configure
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We peer openly - send us an e-mail for a feed. We don't mind leaf nodes, or
non-realtime peering, but let us know so we can configure appropriately.

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Location:               St. Louis, MO USA
Port:                   119
Hierarchies:  		*
Max. Article Size:      1MB
Software:		Diablo 6 - Peering / INN 2.8 - Readers
Hardware:		Dell PowerEdge R440 - 256GB RAM
			Plenty of NVMe and SSD storage
Network Connectivity:	1Gbps Fiber to Hurricane Electric
Active Peers:		41
Feeder Statistics:

Sample Diablo Configuration

label blueworldhosting
    addgroup    *
    delgroup	control.*
    delgroup	unidata.*
    maxsize	1000k
    maxparallel  10
    realtime    notify

Sample INN Configuration


peer {

peer {